Akmenos's Wish List

Akmenos uses Longswords (or other one-handed military light/heavy blades) as both weapon and implement, and wears Leather armor (with no plans to upgrade to Hide).

As the only Defender right now, I probably want armor & neck slot items a bit more than a weapon. His non-AC defenses feel quite low, so a neck slot item could be quite nice. Though maybe not, since they’d still be low even with that…

This list is for items up to level 10.

Item Level Slot Property/Power Notes
Bestial Armor 3,8 Armor Daily: free melee basic attack at +2 after hitting with charge Could be nice to force an enemy away from an ally – Eldritch Strike means I could slide it when I hit with the charge and then have another shot at it with this
Bloodcut Armor 4,9 Armor Daily: when bloodied, minor action to gain resist 10 to all; can recharge item by spending healing surge Nice defensive item
Shadowdance Armor 5,10 Armor Property: ranged attacks don’t provoke; Daily: after moving 3 squares, lower light from bright to dim, or dim to black, around you – you ignore the effect The armor I want the most – the property helps me use my Warlock powers, and the daily looks fun too – especially in combination with a Gloaming Shroud
Pact Sword 2,7 Weapon Daily: teleport a Cursed target 2 (or 3) squares when hit by this weapon
Staggering Weapon 2,7 Weapon Property: weapon powers that slide add an additional square (or 2); on crit target knocked prone; Daily: slide target you hit a square (or 2) Ridiculously good for my character – I’d be fine with increasing its level, since I’m pretty sure it was printed before Eldritch Strike
Aegis Blade 3,8 Weapon Daily: mark every target within 3 with Aegis (save ends)
Weapon of Arcane Bonds 4,9 Weapon Encounter: mark a target you hit (save ends)
Fey Strike Weapon 5,10 Weapon Encounter: make a melee basic attack at range 20; Daily: teleport a target you hit 10 squares to a space adjacent to you I’m pretty sure this would be a lot of fun
Flaming Weapon 5,10 Weapon Property: deal fire damage; Daily: +1d6 damage and ongoing 5 (save ends) Once I have Hellfire Blood, this gets me an additional +1 attack & damage basically all the time
Lifedrinker Weapon 5,10 Weapon Property: gain 5 temporary hit points when you kill an enemy with a melee attack Not as exciting as many of the other weapons
Vengeful Weapon 5,10 Weapon Encounter: gain +2 to attack and +1d10 damage against an enemy that just hit a bloodied ally Oh yes. Punishing people who hurt my friends is what Akmenos is about. Being able to sometimes use this right before my Aegis activates would be excellent.
Pinning Weapon 7 Weapon Daily: immobilize enemy for as long as you stay adjacent
Badge of the Berserker 2,7 Neck Property: movement made as part of a charge does not provoke
Cloak of Resistance 2,7 Neck Daily: minor action to gain resist 5 all
Amulet of Warding 3,8 Neck Daily: adjacent ally hit by an attack gets +1 (or +2) to all defenses as an immediate interrupt The +1 version is probably just too small a bonus to feel significant
Gloaming Shroud 3,8 Neck Property: +1 (or +2) to Stealth in dim light; Daily: light becomes dim in burst 10 until end of encounter Very fun with Shadowdance Armor, though I’d could only use both in the same encounter after hitting a milestone. Of course, someone else in the party using the Shroud would be just as good…
Amulet of Protection 6 Neck None, besides standard neck bonus I would like my weak defenses improved…
Cloak of Translocation 9 Neck Property: +2 AC & Reflex until end of your next turn after teleporting; Daily: regain an encounter teleport power My Aegis is an encounter teleport power – with this I could get it back before the target dies or is marked by someone else. Not sure how good this would be.
Bracers of Mighty Striking 2 Arm Property: +2 damage with melee basic attacks
Warded Vambraces 6 Arm Encounter: Minor action. Adjacent allies get +3 AC until end of next turn.
Boots of Adept Charging 2 Feet Property: can shift 1 square after charge
Boots of the Fencing Master 7 Feet Property: +1 AC & Reflex when you shift; Encounter: minor action to shift 2
Rushing Cleats 7 Feet Property: +1 square of push or slide by melee or close attacks Slide 2 with Eldritch Strike? Yes please.
Steadfast Boots 8 Feet Encounter: minor action to get +2 to defenses until next turn unless you leave the square
Gauntlets of Arcane Power 3 Hands Property: gain 2 temporary HP when you hit an enemy marked by you
Burning Gauntlets 6 Hands Daily: fire attack deals ongoing 5 if it hits; fire attacks do +1 or +2 damage this encounter I’d only want this if I get a Flaming weapon
Antipathy Gloves 10 Hands Property: squares adjacent to you cost 2 squares of movement for enemies; Daily: make an attack to restrain
Horned Helm 6 Head Property: charge attacks do +1d6 damage
Belt of Vigor 2 Waist Property: +1 to healing surge value
Belt of Blood 10 Waist Property: +Con to healing surge value when bloodied
Onyx Dog 4 Wondrous Item Daily: summon onyx dog
Power Jewel 5 Wondrous Item Daily: regain a level 1 or level 3 encounter power. Must have reached a milestone.
Battle Standard of the Hungry Blade 9 Wondrous Item Encounter: plant standard to pull in and slow enemies in zone

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Akmenos's Wish List

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