Sylvio Scallon's Wish List

Sylvio uses a Longbow and Leather armor. (Peter: I don’t know if he plans to use a feat to upgrade to a Greatbow.)

This list was made by Peter, looking at items up to level 10.

Item Level Slot Property/Power Notes
Duellist’s Bow 2,7 Weapon Property: enemies hit take -2 to ranged & area attacks This would stack with penalties from his powers…
Rebounding Weapon 2,7 Weapon Encounter: just like Inevitable Shot
Inescapable Weapon 3,8 Weapon Property: when you miss, gain a +1 on your next attack against the same target
Quick Weapon 3,8 Weapon Daily: when you hit, make another free basic attack
Targeting Weapon 3,8 Weapon Daily: when you hit, you and allies roll twice against target until end of your next turn; Crit: grants combat advantage
Quenchquiver Weapon 7 Weapon Property: doesn’t use ammo; Daily: push an enemy you hit 2 squares and knock prone.
Veteran’s Armor 2,7 Armor Property: +1 to attacks and defenses when you spend an action point
Shadowdance Armor 5,10 Armor Property: ranged attacks don’t provoke; Daily: after moving 3 squares, lower light from bright to dim, or dim to black, around you – you ignore the effect I suspect James might also like this – especially if someone has a Gloaming Shroud. I’ve got dibs on Shadowdance leather armor, though. :)
Mirrorsheen Coat 9 Armor Property: +2 defense against gaze and radiant attacks. If hit by one, attacker takes -2 to attacks; Daily: ranged attack targeting you instead targets another creature within 5
Cloak of Resistance 2,7 Neck Daily: minor action to gain resist 5 all Seems good for everyone
Spidersilk Mantle 3,8 Neck Encounter: minor action to gain climb speed for this turn Climbing up to some vantage point and raining down arrows on our enemies could be fun.
Cloak of Distortion 4,9 Neck Property: +1 (or +2) to all defenses against ranged attacks from more than 5 squares away
Lucky Charm 4,9 Neck Daily: add +1d6 to a failed die roll

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Sylvio Scallon's Wish List

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